Services for Communities

  • Each post is geo-location tagged which allows an owner or finder to efficiently check for related posts in the area he lost or found something. We even show and sort it by distances.
  • We understand that owners cannot check constantly our website and finders may not spend the time to search through all posts. That is why we actively bring them together and notify all owners in case a new find came in and it is from the same location and category.
  • We provide a safe, anonymous chat via our platform. This is important to protect users from spamming and fraud. Users can provide personal details only if they are sure that they deal with an honest person.
  • Let your community take part within a growing network of volunteers looking out for lost pets or items. Users can subscribe to “Lost Alerts” to receive new posts from their area.

  • Posting it automatically on your Facebook wall.
  • Tweeting it automatically on your Twitter account.
  • Findable through search engines with the unique URL and description.
  • Showing on our main pages or, too.

Distribution to Facebook, Twitter and Search Engines

  • Your logo and name
  • Your preferred URL (https:/
  • Your category list fitting your focus, e.g. camera brands or dog breeds
  • Links to your social media accounts